SX4 Radiator Coolant Always Low – Why!

SX4 Radiator Coolant Always Low – Cooling system problems in cars with internal combustion engines are one of the main problems. A faulty cooling system will cause the engine to overheat. And if this happens then the car will experience very serious problems. Engine overhauls are the most dangerous if cooling system problems occur.

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SX4 Radiator Coolant Always Low

In a car engine internal combustion – means including a hybrid vehicle, water or coolant radiator becomes the most important part when the engine is operating. Obviously, this is different from electric cars which are not too focused on this problem because engine heat does not occur in generating vehicle power. Radiator water or radiator coolant should not even be low enough so that the cooling system in the car can work properly.

SX4 Radiator Coolant Always Low
SX4 Radiator Coolant Always Low – Why?

But although this is one of the most important, it is precisely this system that also experiences the most problems. And one of the problems is that the radiator coolant always decreases even though there is no visible leak.

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This is a problem that is a concern for car owners, especially Suzuki SX4 owners. We’ve had a lot of the same problems with this car. The coolant radiator always decreases all the time even though there are no visible leaks. Vehicle owners are usually confused to find the cause. Instead of being calm, it became a serious fear every time they were about to travel. As in the case this time, on the Suzuki SX4 there is a reduction in radiator coolant for every 10 km journey, the owner must add 0.25 liters of coolant radiator. This amount will be more if the vehicle is moving at a speed above 60 km/hour. So what are the symptoms experienced by vehicle owners?

Symptoms Consumers Experience

In this case, I am dealing with a problem with a Suzuki SX4 car with the following symptoms;

  1. By the time the engine starts and is driven for about 30 minutes, the radiator water has been reduced by at least 1 small bottle of mineral water. However, there will be more if the vehicle goes faster than 60 km/hour.
  2. However, there are no signs of leaks in the cooling system when viewed from the radiator and radiator hoses. There is no water leak around the water pump or around the cylinder head. It’s confusing!
  3. The owner also tried to start the engine and leave it for 30 minutes, it turns out that the water still decreases even though not as much as if he took it for a ride.

Usually when it’s like this the most serious problem is the leak of the cylinder head gasket. However, I am trying to re-analyze whether there really is no leak in the cooling system. This will make it easier to analyze further related to damage such as cracks in the cylinder head, or even cracks in the cylinder block.

SX4 Radiator Coolant Always Low Troubleshooting and Solution

The verdict of most mechanics in this kind of case is damage to the thermostat and cylinder head gasket. If the thermostat is damaged, for example, stuck, it can inhibit the circulation rate of the coolant radiator. This will result in overheating of the engine and lead to higher evaporation than usual. Thus, in a certain period of time, the coolant radiator will decrease little by little.

SX4 Radiator Coolant Always Low

Another case with cylinder head gasket damage. Damage to the cylinder head gasket is a bit more difficult to guess. A damaged cylinder head gasket has many symptoms, for example, engine oil turns a milky color which means the coolant is mixed with the oil. The problem with this Suzuki SX4 car that we handle does not have such symptoms. Meanwhile, there is no leakage around the cylinder head either.

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However, it is possible that both the verdicts are true. However, we must first examine what actually happened.

For vehicles like the Suzuki SX4, there is a radiator hose section including a bypass pipe under the intake manifold. This is precisely behind the cylinder block leading to the rear body of the car. Now, this position makes it difficult for most car owners to check for radiator water leaks.

In the process, I tried to remove the alternator from the stand and open the intake manifold. It’s true that there are traces of coolant flow/radiator water stuck to the cylinder block of this SX4 engine. By opening the intake manifold and several other parts such as the throttle body, the source of the problem was found.

In this case, we are replacing the part of the pipe that houses the thermostat. After that from here, the water turned out to be out even though it was only very small. After the replacement is complete, we try the vehicle to travel quite a distance and the result is no more reduction in the coolant radiator. So, the work is done here.


In the case of the SX4’s radiator coolant always decreasing, there are a few things you need to pay attention to as follows;

  1. The SX4 radiator coolant problem is always decreasing and is a common problem. And this is one of the weaknesses of any year’s Suzuki SX4 car.
  2. The cause of the reduced coolant radiator on the Suzuki SX4 is generally damage to the cooling system path. And most often the problem is the bypass pipe behind the cylinder head.
  3. There could be other causes besides cooling system bypass pipe problems, such as cylinder head gasket damage, leaking radiators, stuck thermostats, or even cracks in the cylinder head and or cylinder block. However, if a problem like the one we mentioned above occurs, then please check the cooling system line first, especially the bypass pipe.

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