Symptoms of Injector Damage on Common Rail Diesel

Symptoms of Injector Damage on Common Rail Diesel Engines – Diesel engines are likely to last longer than gasoline engines. This is because diesel engine fuel can come from vegetable sources, palm oil, sugar cane, or other sources. This makes the diesel ICE will last a long time after the demolition of electric cars. However, diesel engines still have drawbacks. One of them is in the diesel engine injectors. Therefore, there is no harm in discussing the symptoms of injector damage on a common rail diesel engine. Let’s study together.

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Symptoms of Injector Damage on Common Rail Diesel Engines

Symptoms of Injector Damage on Common Rail
Injector on Common rail engine.

Over time, the common rail injection system in diesel cars will fail. The way to find out if the common rail injection system has symptoms of damage is to feel the condition of the vehicle when we are driving it. There are two symptoms of injector damage on common rail diesel engines that often occur in cars with this type of engine.

1. Lame and Less Powerful Machine

The first symptom of an injector malfunction on a common rail diesel engine is the engine limping and underpowering. Injector problems that will make the ratio of fuel to air in the combustion chamber no longer standard. The ratio of diesel fuel to air can be richer, or it can be poorer.

If the injector cannot be fully opened in a faulty condition, there will be a fuel ratio that is too lean. This results in power loss and the engine tends to overheat. The amount of fuel is not sufficient when the engine is at high rpm. If we leave this for too long, the engine can overheat the engine and the damage can actually lead to overall engine damage.

2. Black Smoke from the Exhaust

The second symptom is black smoke coming out of the exhaust. This is clearly a serious problem, apart from disturbing the aesthetic value of the vehicle, it can also endanger other vehicle users in terms of health.

The cause of this is the open injector is too large or the injector is leaking. This condition results in even when the engine does not need any fuel, the injector will still release fuel. As a result, the fuel ratio is too rich. This will usually result in thick black smoke in the diesel car and fuel being more wasteful than usual.

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To overcome this, we have to re-calibrate the problematic injector. If necessary, we calibrate all injectors. Injector testing is the last part of determining whether the injectors are still in good condition or not. If we can’t repair it, we should replace the injector with a new one.

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