Tesla Model S Security Settings

Tesla Model S Security Settings – Tesla Model S is one car that not only has advanced features but also a capable security system. On the Tesla Model S there is a security system. But maybe not all know how to set this security system. Here’s a quick way to do the security settings on the Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S Security Settings

Tesla Model S Security Settings
Source: WIRED

If Model S does not detect a key nearby and a locked door or trunk is opened, an alarm sounds and headlights and turn signals flash. To deactivate the alarm, press any button on the key.

To manually enable or disable the alarm system, touch Controls > Settings > Safety & Security > Alarm. When set to on, Model S activates its alarm one minute after the doors lock and a recognized key is no longer detected nearby.

There is a Weakness in the Tesla Model S Security System

Tesla is indeed more concerned with safety when compared to other carmakers. However, that does not mean their security system is perfect. Researchers from the Belgian university of KU Leuven have just described a technique to bypass encryption on the key fob for the Model S. That way, one could easily generate a fake key and then get in and start the car.

The researchers found that the key fob on the Model S uses an easy-to-crack 40-bit code to protect the code inside. Once they were able to get the code on the fob, they simply used the encryption key until they found the code to unlock the Model S door.

This attack is interesting because Tesla is a company that encourages the use of the method of unlocking cars without a physical key. This method has been adopted by luxury car manufacturers.

Fortunately, this attack can only be carried out on Model S shipped before June. In addition, Tesla has also released an update to strengthen encryption on the key fob.

According to The Verge, Tesla has also added an option for users to enter a password before they start the car. This method will work like a two-factor authentication method on email or social media services.

This problem does not only occur in Tesla’s cars, considering the security weakness in the key fob, which is made by Pektron. However, Tesla was the most impacted brand. Researchers believe this problem can also be found in cars made by McLaren, Karma, and Triump, although they haven’t tested the locks on those cars yet. This shows how important cybersecurity is in modern cars.

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