Tesla Roadster Delayed Ares Design Transforms Model S

Tesla Roadster Delayed Ares Design Transforms Model S – In response to the Tesla Roadster delay, an Italian company Ares Design decided to take matters into its own hands. They built their own Tesla convertible – from the Model S sedan.

Tesla Roadster Delayed Ares Design Transforms Model S

In fact this isn’t the first Tesla Model S conversion conversion at all but, at least in the photos, the fit and finish seem a little better than some of the previous attempts. Ares announced the project in early 2018. A long-running project of course.

Their conversion involved extensive rework of the Model S shell. Ares removed the roof, center pillar and rear door and shortened the wheelbase. Then had to add structural reinforcement to compensate for the lack of a roof, and make new doors.

The modified car is equipped with a strong folding soft top, which slides under the tonneau cover behind the rear seat. Thanks to the shortened wheelbase, the seat offers slightly less legroom on the now two-door Model S.

Ares also equips this convertible with a carbon fiber body kit, custom wheels, and a new leather interior in white, gray and orange color combinations. That combination was suggested by customers who ordered this building, according to Ares.

Ares did not list a price for this one-time building. He specialized in small projects including, among others, a new version of the DeTomaso Pantera supercar based on the foundations of the modern Lamborghini Huracan, and Project S1 – Chevrolet Corvette C8 with retro bodywork.

It is also interesting to note that the CEO of Ares is Danny Bahar, who once ran the Lotus Group. There is a similarity here, as Peter Rawlinson was the chief engineer of Lotus Cars, before moving to Tesla and overseeing Engineering Model S. Rawlinson is now CEO of Lucid Motors, which launched the Air-rival Model S luxury sedan.

There are many Tesla conversions that are noteworthy and we should pay attention of course. But perhaps most famous in the US is the Convertible Model 3 “Truckla” pickup made about two years ago.

Since his quarterly finance call in July 2020, Elon Musk has signaled that once production of the Model Y goes into production at the Texas plant, Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California, will assemble the Roadster.

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