Tesla Wireless Microphone Will Be On Sale This Year

Tesla Wireless Microphone Will Be On Sale This Year – Some time ago Tesla announced that it would not introduce a new electric car this year. Even so, Tesla continues to innovate by launching a new product, namely a microphone that can be used in a car.

Tesla Wireless Microphone Will Be On Sale This Year

Tesla Wireless Microphone

Previously reported, Tesla confirmed that it would not introduce the latest model at least until 2023. This step must be taken by Tesla to be able to focus more on improving the marketing chain and overcoming the global production crisis that is also experienced by other automotive manufacturers.

With this decision, it is certain that the long-awaited Sport Roadster model will not be introduced again. Likewise with the phenomenal electric car, the Tesla Cybertruck.

“If we introduce new vehicles, our total vehicle output will decrease. We will not introduce new vehicles this year,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

But don’t be sad, Tesla still releases a new product that is claimed to provide entertainment and fun while driving. The product is a microphone.

Reporting from Carscoops, Tesla has launched a microphone device called the TeslaMic. The presence of this microphone is a form of celebration in welcoming the 2022 Chinese New Year which fell in early February.

For consumers who buy the microphone, in the sales package there are two wireless microphones that can be connected to the infotainment screen in Tesla cars via Bluetooth. So, passengers or drivers can karaoke freely in a Tesla electric car.

To be able to experience karaoke in a Tesla electric car, consumers must carry out the latest 2022.2.1 software update in China. After the update, new consumers can feel the sensation of karaoke in the car with the TeslaMic microphone. In the software update, Tesla also presents a number of music catalogs that can be chosen freely.

But unfortunately, the microphone is not sold freely around the world and is only marketed in China. Investigate, this microphone is here to fulfill the wishes of the Chinese people who love karaoke, so that this Tesla microphone can be used by consumers when driving on the road.

Regarding the price, Tesla’s microphone is priced at 1,199 yuan or around IDR 2.7 million.

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