Testing a 3-Door Electric MINI Prototype Starting at -8 Degrees

Testing a 3-Door Electric MINI Prototype Starting at -8 Degrees – MINI is getting serious about bringing electric cars. Evidently after a long time of seeing the electric MINI 3-Doors prototype hanging around in day-to-day tests. This time they again carried out an extreme test by bringing the car to the BMW Group’s winter test center in Ajeplog, Sweden. This MINI 3-Doors electric car test site has a temperature of minus 8 degrees.

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Testing a 3-Door Electric MINI Prototype Starting at -8 Degrees

3-Door Electric MINI Prototype Starting
The MINI 3-Doors Electric was tested to the extreme in Sweden (BMW Group Pressclub Global doc.)

This extreme test aims to research the toughness of the electric motor to the battery that the electric MINI 3-Doors will use later. Not only from the very extreme temperature, but they also test the driving character in a very sensitive place. One such place is on the surface of the snow.

“MINI is on the path of growth and towards an all-electric future. Our iconic MINI 3-doors maximize the experience for our customers through the go-kart sensation. We will electrify this car with a combination of digital touchpoints. clearly on sustainability with a minimal environmental footprint for this electric vehicle.” said Stefanie Wurst, Head of the MINI brand.

“With its concept vehicle geared towards fully electric driving pleasure from the start, the new edition of the original is perfect for delivering MINI’s signature inspiring agility and creative use of space, guaranteeing plenty of space inside and a small footprint,” continued MINI in an official statement.

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3-Door Electric MINI Prototype Starting
MINI 3-Doors Electric Photo: doc. BMW Group Pressclub Global

The MINI did several laps or laps in this extreme test. Of course, the results of this test will be useful for the development of spontaneous power from electric motors. In addition, it has benefits for the development of traction controllers to the character of driving in extreme terrain.

Until now, no one knows the inside of what the manufacturer will use in this MINI electric car. However, if we look at the news from Inside EVs, the latest generation MINI that will use a fully electric power train comes with more compact dimensions. In addition, MINI also does not want to reveal the time of introduction. Even the price estimates are not yet known for bids in the global market.

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