The Danger of Broken Car Fan Belt in the Middle of Travel

The danger of Broken Car Fan Belt in the Middle of Travel – There is a component on the machine that has a crucial function, namely the fan belt. The components in the form of this steel belt play a role in continuing the rotation to the alternator pulley, power steering, air conditioning, and others.

The danger of Broken Car Fan Belt in the Middle of Travel

Therefore, this heat-resistant rubber material component needs to be considered. To find it, the fan belt is generally located in front of the engine and behind the radiator.

When the condition of the fan belt is worn and is not immediately replaced with a new one, this component is at risk of breaking. If this happens in the middle of the trip, it will have an impact on serious damage to the car engine.

The danger of Broken Car Fan Belt

Dealer Technical Support Dept. Head of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) Indonesia, said that if the fan belt is broken, the supply of power entering the battery or battery will be disrupted.

“The belt rotates the water pump, the fan (some are electric), the alternator, the AC compressor, and even the power steering, which still uses fluid. Usually, if the battery is broken, the symbol of the battery is on, it is a sign of the alternator filling the electric voltage,” he said.

He added that another risk that can occur when the fan belt breaks is that the engine overheats. This is because the performance of the water pump will be disturbed and it can no longer function to regulate the rotation of the water in the radiator.

“The risk is that if the fan belt breaks, the water pump or engine water pump can overheat,” he said. Actually, the life of the fan belt is long.

However, he suggested that car owners check the condition of the rubber belt regularly. So that the condition remains monitored and prevents it from breaking when the car is in use.

“For the period of use, it depends, usually it lasts only to be checked periodically, it can be 100,000 kilometers. If it is worn, it can be seen from its physical appearance, which is brittle and there are cracks in its parts,” he said.

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