The Heat Indicator Up To Sign Up The Thermostat Is Broken

The Heat Indicator Up To Sign Up The Thermostat Is Broken – The thermostat is a component of the car cooling system. This component is found in the radiator coolant channel. In carrying out its function, there is a valve with bimetallic which will open and close according to the temperature of the cooling water. The bimetallic will expand when the engine working temperature has been reached and open the thermostat valve. Conversely, if the temperature decreases, the bimetal works to pull or close the cooling water drain valve.

The Heat Indicator Up To Sign Up The Thermostat Is Broken

All components of a car will be timeless. This means that it will experience damage over time. This includes of course the thermostat can be damaged.

When the thermostat is damaged, it is difficult to detect it visually. This is because the thermostat is in the cooling water channel and usually has to open a few bolts. If you are not lucky, it will take at least 1/2 hour to open the thermostat like for example the Daihatsu Taruna injection.

But, of course, there are other ways besides that. The most common sign is a rise in engine temperature. Every car must have a temperature indicator, either digital or manual, using a needle. So from there, we can observe whether the thermostat is damaged or not.

A sign of a malfunction of the thermostat is an increase in the engine temperature indicator, more than half, in contrast to normal and stable conditions. Normal conditions mean that the indicator will only stop at about half of the “C” and “H” marks. Because when it is overheated the thermostat valve opens and the water will cool down the radiator and vice versa will be closed to reach the engine working temperature. So that if the thermostat is normal, the indicator needle will also be normal.

The indicator needle continues to rise, meaning that the valve of the thermostat continues to close so that the engine temperature continues to increase. Cooling water is unable to pass through the valve to the radiator. As a result, the temperature continues to rise and the indicator on the dashboard reads this temperature rise.

Therefore, if the indicator continues to rise, please check the thermostat. If it is bad then we have to replace it with a new thermostat.

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