The Impact of a Car Crashing into a Flood – The Impact of a Car Crashing into a Flood – The rainy season is a challenge for four-wheeled vehicle owners. Not only bad for electric cars or hybrid cars but also very dangerous for ICE cars. When heavy rain comes and even floods the road, four-wheeled vehicles will be more worried about passing it. In these conditions, many car drivers do not want to bother and are brave enough to hit the puddle.

Not a few think that through such a puddle a car will still be fine. Whereas for ICE cars, the opposite can happen when the car crashes into a puddle without taking into account the water level they are passing through and can even cause engine damage.

 The Impact of a Car Crashing into a Flood

To pass a waterlogged road, we must first estimate the depth of the water. Drivers should not just press the gas pedal without first estimating the height of the puddle so that they experience engine problems. In certain water depths, water can be drawn into the machine through the air intake into the machine.

Car Crashing into a Flood

One sign of the water starting to get into the engine is that the engine rotation is irregular or limping. Usually, in this condition, the water reaches the hood of the car. If this happens, then you should immediately turn off the engine.

If water has entered the engine of the car, it can cause an effect that is severe enough even so that it does not rule out the engine having to overhaul.

To avoid getting worse when a sign like the one above occurs, it’s best to turn off the engine. If the engine has experienced a sudden shutdown, do not try to restart it.

The shutdown of the engine indicates that water has entered the combustion chamber. If the engine is forced to turn back on, the machine can experience a water hammer. Machines that experience water hammer repairs require a lot of money. Not only is it down the engine, but in special cases, the engine experiencing this can also be damaged until the cylinder block breaks.

In addition to engine failure, standing water can also damage the engine’s overall electrical system. The ICE engine management system can be seriously damaged, especially if the ECU is a short circuit. Meanwhile, the owner of hybrid vehicles and of course electric cars will also feel severe damage.

Therefore, refraining from carelessly passing puddles on the highway or at least estimating the water level that will be traversed is a wise way to make your car less of a problem.

4 Risks of Forcing Cars Through Floods – Car Crashing into a Flood

Motorists must understand the risks of crossing flooded roads so they don’t regret it later. The following are the risks or hazards that a car can experience if it crosses a flooded road:

Broken Water Hammer

Water hammer is the most dangerous risk when affected by floods. When water starts to enter the engine, water that enters the combustion chamber will cause damage. The impact of the damage can be very fatal, ranging from piston damage, and bent piston handlebars, to a broken crankcase due to high water pressure when the engine is running. We need a lot of time and money to repair it.


Accidents can occur if you are not careful when crossing flooded roads. Like when the car in front suddenly stops due to a breakdown. If you can’t avoid it, the driver can crash into the car. But when dodging it has the potential to be problematic if the car goes into a pothole or goes down to the shoulder of the road where it is not visible to the eye, it can even be carried away by strong currents of water.

Water Entrance Car Cabin

Even though the door is tightly closed, the narrow gaps in the car body can be a way for water to enter because the pressure is very high. The negative effect is that the car’s body panels can be exposed to smelly dirty water and make the cabin uncomfortable. In addition, cleaning the material in the car cabin is not an easy matter.

Vehicle Warranty and Risky Insurance Claims are Not Applicable

They may refuse insurance claims for car damage due to flooding. Forcing the engine and driving the car when it was submerged in the flood they considered an act that fell into the category of negligence. Because doing so can result in damage to the vehicle so they can reject the claim.

Therefore, the best solution is to avoid flooded roads. If the road ahead has a puddle, make sure the water level is still safe for us to pass. Study the path we are going to take and make sure there are no potential problems.

If the car engine stops while driving through a flooded road, don’t try to start it for any reason to prevent damage to the water hammer. Move the vehicle over by pushing and parking it in a safe place.

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