The world’s smallest battery a new invention

The world’s smallest battery a new invention – Energy storage could revolutionize the ubiquitous candy store. New research published in the journal Advanced Energy Materials shows that scientists at the University of Chemnitz has developed the world’s smallest battery It is a Swiss cylinder assembly that can power tiny sensors in the human body.

MIT News:

The world’s smallest battery a new invention

The world's smallest battery

A breakthrough in energy storage technology stems from a process known as Swiss-Roll, inspired by the famous multi-layer biscuit. made of polymers, metals and insulators on water that are affected by electric potential

Peeling off each of these layers It will help relieve tension on the water surface. This allows the material to rise and roll around. Scientists have described the device as a “A self-contained microcylindrical battery”

The tiny battery is the size of a point – one square millimeter – and has a minimum energy density of 100 microwatt-hours per square centimeter. Professor Oliver Schmidt, who led the study, said the density will increase over time: “This technology still has great potential for improvement. And we can expect even more powerful microbattery in the future,” Schmidt explains.

Although the size of the device is noticeably limited. But the developer team of this new device says it’s finally here. It could also be used in tiny biosensor chips in the human body. They claim that the tiny battery can power the world’s smallest computer chip for about 10 hours, allowing it to be completely reprogrammable in biosensors. These are devices that often rely on power to provide other means of overcoming size constraints.

On the other hand, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have just discovered a way to design a 1-kilometer long battery, and they say: “There is no clear limit on the length” they can access. to help the world stop consuming fossil fuels Scientists need to develop all kinds of energy storage solutions that will power the devices of tomorrow.

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