Third-Party Apps Connected to Cars Can Steal Data

Third-Party Apps Connected to Cars Can Steal Data -Smartphone applications from third parties that can be connected to today’s cars such as Tesla, Nissan, Ford, to Volkswagen are potentially dangerous. You see, they can take the vehicle owner’s data without prior approval. This latest report comes from the Russian antivirus software company Kaspersky. Kaspersky has analyzed as many as 69 popular third-party smartphone applications that can connect with cars. Unfortunately, many app developers are not responsible for the collection of personal data.

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“The benefits of a connected world are innumerable. However, it is important to note that it is still a growing industry, which carries certain risks,” said Sergey Zorin. He is the Head of Kaspersky Transportation Security. We quote this story from Business Insider.

Third-Party Apps Connected to Cars Can Steal Data
Third-Party Apps Connected to Cars Can Steal Data.

“Unfortunately, not all developers take a responsible approach when it comes to storing and collecting data. Even that results in users disclosing personal information. That data can then be sold on the dark web and end up in the hands of those we cannot trust,” he explained.

In addition, Kaspersky found that one in five applications currently does not have contact information, which in case of a problem the owner cannot report it. Another threat from using data is that other people who have data from third parties can access their cars illegally.

Third-Party Apps Connected to Cars Can Steal Data

Cybercriminals who have stolen the car owner’s personal information and data can also gain direct access to the vehicle. Because so far, mobile phone applications that are connected to the car allow owners to remotely control the vehicle by locking or unlocking doors, adjusting climate control, and turning the engine on and off.

Third-Party Apps Connected to Cars Can Steal Data
Volvo To Allow Third Party Development Of In-Car Apps. Image source: automacha

Although currently most car manufacturers already have their own official applications. However, there are still third-party applications designed by technology developers because they offer features that the vehicle manufacturers do not have.

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So far the third-party applications that Kaspersky has analyzed cover almost all car brands. Some of these include Tesla, Nissan, Renault, Ford, and Volkswagen. “However, the application is not completely safe for us to use,” said one of the Kaspersky researchers.

Researchers from Kaspersky found that more than half of third-party applications do not provide warnings about data usage risks. This is especially so when the owner enters his personal data to run certain applications.

In addition, each application used on the five-car brands does not include the contact of the application developers. So that the owners cannot report if there is a problem with the application.

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“It’s also worth noting that 46 of the 69 apps don’t charge or offer a demo mode. This has contributed to such apps being downloaded from the Google Play Store over 239,000 times, which makes you wonder how many people gave access free for a limited number of people to their cars,” the report said.

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