Toyota Camry Hybrid Main Problems, More Than 5 Problems?

Toyota Camry Hybrid Main Problems, More Than 5 Problems? – Hybrid cars are a bridge from internal combustion cars to electric cars. However, should not understand the problems that occur in hybrid cars. Well, this time I will discuss some of the main problems in the Toyota Camry Hybrid. This of course will unsettle you, right? However, this is a fact and you need to know it to prepare yourself for the problem.

What are the main problems that usually occur with Toyota Camry Hybrid? In this article, I try to explain all the most important things you should pay attention to when you are in the market for a Camry Hybrid.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Main Problems, More Than 5 Problems?

To begin with, it feels important to a few things related to the Toyota Camry Hybrid question. This will lead us closer to the main problem in the Toyota Camry Hybrid.

From all the information I got, the most common problem with the Toyota Camry Hybrid is the problem with the power brake assist failure. We can call this also the ABS actuator problem. The problem makes braking harder and of course, it’s more dangerous. In addition, the dashboard melts at higher temperatures and the windshield can be distorted. What’s interesting is for the 2016 – 2019 model has an echo problem during phone calls. Meanwhile, the 2007 – 2011 models have excessive oil consumption.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Main Problems

That is the beginning of the most common problems that occur with the Toyota Camry Hybrid. We will discuss other problems and these issues in more detail in the remainder of this article. It is your consideration to get a used or new Toyota Camry Hybrid car. Or you will move to another heart by directly buying another Toyota electric car.

1. Power Brake Assist – First Major Problem

The first Toyota Camry Hybrid Main Problems is a failed power brake assist. For this problem, even Toyota made a recall and the biggest and most recent occurred in 2021. Toyota recalled 227,000 Camrys for the production year between 2018 – 2019 due to a power brake assist failure.

The failure of a system that assists when braking does not mean the driver cannot brake again. The failure, however, is that you suddenly have to brake harder. Obviously, this is a system failure and can increase the risk of collision and injury. And after investigation, it turned out that the cause was the vane cap inside the brake pump that was worn prematurely. In some cases on these vehicles, even those parts don’t work at all.

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If you want a used 2018 – 2019 Camry Hybrid, it’s a good idea to check if the vehicle is already at the dealership for this recall. Toyota still has to make a replacement, which is a good thing considering replacing the vacuum pump responsibly will set you back $700. If not, then you should ask the seller to report to Toyota to get the replacement. Although the price is not much, at least you don’t bother to make arrangements with Toyota.

2. ABS Actuator Problem – Failed to Work

The next Toyota Camry Hybrid Main Problems are related to ABS. A failing ABS actuator is another common problem of the Camry Hybrid. More common is for the 2006 – 2008 production model. But don’t worry, for this problem Toyota has fixed it.

You must already know that the ABS actuator is a hydraulic device that is responsible for operating the brakes in an emergency. Therefore, it is also an important safety feature that should work at all times. Symptoms of damage to the ABS actuator on the Toyota Camry Hybrid are easy for you to understand. The most significant is an unresponsive brake pedal or braking delay. Other symptoms include the ABS warning light coming on or the brakes locking frequently.

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The main problem with this Toyota Camry Hybrid is the problem that grabs the most attention. The reason, this problem resulted in expensive repair costs. Replacing the ABS actuator on the Toyota Camry Hybrid is quite expensive. If the car has issues with this part, expect to pay between $900 – $1,100 to replace the ABS actuator on the Camry Hybrid. So, for those of you who want a Toyota Camry Hybrid, especially for the year I mentioned above, you should make sure that this component has been replaced by the previous owner.

3. Echo During Bluetooth Calls – Third Major Problem

What are the main problems of the next Toyota Camry Hybrid? Yes, it is an echo that occurs during a Bluetooth call. This is one of the main focuses of the newer Camry Hybrid models. There is a loud echo occurring during hands-free phone calls. According to some sources, this problem is quite severe on the 2016 – 2019 version of the Camry Hybrid. Unfortunately, this problem renders the entire system useless.

This problem is very bad for almost all Camry Hybrid owners. In fact, Toyota should intervene immediately by releasing an instructional video to minimize the echo during these phone calls. The main takeaway from this is that you need to fully adjust the phone’s audio while adjusting the head unit’s audio to below 45. However, since this ‘tip’ involves picking up your phone while driving, it takes away the whole hands-free aspect.

How about the Toyota Camry Hybrid for production years above 2019? Well, Toyota also responded to this quickly. Toyota corrected the error and resolved it well. For the 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid, from the end of the year until now, the problem has not appeared again. Camry Hybrid from late 2019 until now has Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

4. Distortion Problem for Windshield

The main problem of the fourth Toyota Camry Hybrid is the distortion problem of the windshield. For years this problem has been the main complaint of Camry Hybrid owners. Actually, this has been since 2008 and the last time anyone reported this issue was on the 2019 model.

The main problem is the distortion of objects passing through the front or back windows. However, the rear window is what happens the most. It seems that the window corners or the tinting used are causing this problem.

In addition, several owners have reported that they do not have this problem in any apparent condition; however, they later appear at night or in rainy conditions. Since this was just a nagging design flaw, rather than a dangerous situation, Toyota never really changed the windows. Also, not all Camry Hybrid owners report this issue. And that’s why it’s so important to make sure when you’re in the market for a Camry, that you’re not bothered by window distortion.

5. Old Toyota Camry Hybrid, Dashboard Melt

There is something interesting about the old Camry Hybrid car. What’s that? The old Toyota Camry Hybrid had problems with its dashboard. In Toyota Camrys with production years under 2011, the dashboard tends to melt during warmer periods of the year. This problem not only damages the interior of the car and makes it dirtier, but also interferes with the driver’s vision. Aesthetically, this is really bad for the view in the car.

In the process, the dashboard will flash, bouncing off the windshield, which then blinds the driver. Toyota did turn this into a warranty issue, but that deadline has expired. Instead, the solution is to wipe the protective film on the dashboard with a cleaning cloth and detergent. You can find many detergents online to fix shiny dashboard problems.

You can also modify it by replacing it with a new dashboard. For years since 2011, the Toyota Camry Hybrid dashboard doesn’t have this problem. Therefore, this is an alternative to buying a newer dashboard and installing it on the dashboard of your car. Might modify it a bit, but modifiers will have no trouble doing this.

6. Airbag System Problem

This is actually a small problem, it’s just that because there are many who complain, I make it part of the main problem of the Toyota Camry Hybrid. Although the problem is small, it is very important, namely the problem of the airbag system. In this case, Toyota had to recall the 618 Camry for 2019 due to an issue with the airbag.

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The problem here is that the car has a problem with the ‘Occupant Classification System’. This system will fail to function properly, resulting in the inoperability of the front passenger airbag and knee airbag during a collision. Of course, this is important because we don’t know when an accident will happen.

Camry which came out in 2012 – 2013 had a similar problem. But this is due to an electrical problem that will prevent the airbag from inflating. However, this recall is much larger as it involves 885,000 Toyotas.

7. Very High Oil Consumption Problem

This is a problem with the internal combustion engine. Remember the Camry Hybrid, like most other hybrid cars that combine ICE with a battery. And the main problem of the next Toyota Camry Hybrid is the problem of very high oil consumption.

The Camry Hybrid version between 2007 – 2011, has the problem of excessive oil consumption. This can be as bad as burning a liter of oil per 1,000 miles. According to various online sources, the problem is the engine pistons and rings, which will wear out prematurely, in which case the car needs more oil.

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Toyota admitted to having this problem and extended the warranty on the 2007 – 2011 Camry Hybrid, which consumes more than 1 liter of oil per 1,200 miles.

You may want Toyota Camry Hybrid 2007 – 2011. It’s important for you to know about this problem. Check if the car has been recalled for this. Otherwise, you need to ask the dealer or the person you bought the car for about the oil consumption to avoid unpleasant surprises. If indeed the problem is due to worn pistons and piston rings, it will cost you more than a thousand dollars to fix it.

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