Toyota CVT Transmission Same as Honda and Nissan CVT

Toyota CVT Transmission Same as Honda and Nissan CVT – Toyota All New Avanza and All-New Veloz slide with big changes. So far, both use manual transmissions and conventional automatic transmissions. No issues and complaints so far using both transmissions. Unfortunately, the demand for strong fuel efficiency makes Toyota have to use another transmission. So, for 2022, the two Toyota cars will use a CVT transmission and of course a front-drive engine. Then, will Toyota’s CVT transmission be the same as Nissan’s and Honda’s CVT transmission?

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Toyota CVT Transmission Same as Honda and Nissan CVT

Toyota in the Country Using CVT Transmission
Toyota CVT Transmission. Image source: Toyota Lucena

The fundamental change in both cars is the drive model. Both older models use the rear-wheel-drive with a front-engine. However, starting this year, both used front-wheel drive with a front-engine. The technical term is front-wheel drive (FWD). Not only the drive system model, but both also underwent changes for the automatic transmission model. If in previous years used a conventional automatic transmission, now both use a CVT transmission.

Regarding the automatic transmission, now Toyota applies the type of D-CVT. This type of transmission combines a pulley set with a steel belt with the addition of a planetary gear. Slightly different from Honda which does not use planetary gear on their CVT. However, this has already been used by Nissan even with a different formation.

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The system works, from rest to speed at low and medium speeds, the D-CVT works like a planetary gear transmission. Only after this, will use pulleys and steel belts.

However, with this new technology, will the D-CVT transmission share the same fate as the Honda and Nissan CVTs, which are prone to breakage for their used versions?

With Dual-Mode technology, not much has been done to improve. However, if the bottom uses a planetary and the top uses a CVT, there will be an additional planetary to support the acceleration ratio so that the range is wide. Regarding durability, conventional automatic transmissions are still more durable than any type of CVT.

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For example, in the Nissan Grand Livina L11, cases of damage to the planetary are almost non-existent, first the CVT, in the Grand Livina L11 there is also a combination of CVT and planetary. Still, this technology is a good thing. This is because it can make fuel consumption more efficient with a gearshift ratio that can be wider from low to high speeds.

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