Toyota to Build EV Parts Factory in India

Toyota to Build EV Parts Factory in India – Automaker Toyota plans to make India a center for manufacturing parts for electric vehicles. Later, the EV spare parts will not only cater to the domestic market but will also be exported to a number of countries in Asia. As reported by Reuters, this news was delivered directly by a senior executive at Toyota. Toyota plans to build a special factory for electric vehicle parts in India, which will also be sent to Japan.

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Toyota to Build EV Parts Factory in India
Toyota to Build EV Parts Factory in India.

“The aspiration is to make India a manufacturing hub for cleaner technology,” said Vikram Gulati. He is the Executive Vice President of Toyota Kirloskar Motor.

In Vikram’s statement, Toyota plans to produce e-drives. E-drive is part of the electric power train that Toyota uses for a number of electric vehicles including battery, plug-in hybrid, and a number of other hybrid models.

Toyota to Build EV Parts Factory in India

Previously, Toyota had announced that the company would invest heavily in India. The investment value reaches up to 48 billion rupees. The funds are to localize the electric vehicle supply chain. This is in line with Toyota’s target to achieve wider zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Toyota’s local unit, Toyota Kirloskar Motor, will manage most of Toyota’s investment in India. Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts will also play a role in carrying out the investment. In addition, there are other companies, namely the joint venture of Toyota Motor Corp, namely Aisin Seiki, and Kirloskar Systems.

In India, the Japanese manufacturer is indeed more focused on the launch of hybrid-type vehicles. This they seem to believe is more in line with the goals of the Indian government. The country’s goal is none other than to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and minimize carbon emissions.

Gulati said it could address a variety of consumer needs and enable faster electrification in India. That way, Toyota hopes to accelerate electrification in India with minimal obstacles.

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“Building the supply chain early will help Toyota to be competitive in terms of volume and price in India,” he said.

Toyota’s desire to start marketing electric vehicles is also fully supported by the Indian government. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has offered incentives of up to billions of dollars to auto manufacturers willing to produce electric cars and spare parts in India.

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