Trivial Problems Chevrolet Captiva But High Cost

Trivial Problems Chevrolet Captiva But High Cost – Problems that often occur in cars over the age of 5 years are not only problems with the engine or automatic transmission. But also other parts such as electrical parts, such as sensors, actuators, and even modules. More than that, unfortunately sometimes some trivial things like what we will discuss below also happen.

It’s trivial but it turns out to be complicated. Besides being complicated, the repair also takes a long time. Even if we can’t repair it, in this case, we want to replace it with a new one, we also need a long time to do it. Furthermore, the high price is also another problem. What is this seemingly horrific trivial matter? Let’s start the discussion.

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Trivial Problems Chevrolet Captiva But High Cost

Before buying a used Chevrolet, we should first know the diseases that often occur in this car. In addition to the engine sector, it turns out that there are problems that often occur, especially with the Chevrolet Captiva diesel. We will try to discuss them one by one for you.

Trivial Problems Chevrolet Captiva
Trivial Problems Chevrolet Captiva.

Harness Cable

The first Trivial Problems Chevrolet Captiva is a problem with the wiring harness. The wiring harness is the entire wiring harness in the car. Various electrical systems into a single unit in the wiring harness. Call it for example the engine electrical system, which consists of a series of wires from sensors to actuators.

In the Chevrolet Captiva this part is often problematic. To buy a used vehicle, then we have to check the car’s wiring harness. The problem that occurs is that some cables become brittle after the car is 5 years old. And after going through various observations, the problem comes from the heat of the engine itself.

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Wiring harnesses, while absolutely essential, often go unnoticed by buyers. Even mechanics often ignore this part. At most, potential buyers will check the automatic transmission. In fact, the automatic transmission problems that we often encounter stem from wiring problems that are integrated into the wiring harness. The impact of the wiring harness that is already fragile and not good, can cause errors in the automatic transmission.

Trivial Problems Chevrolet Captiva
Old vs New Captiva Wiring Harness.

The problem point is usually in addition to the fragile cable is the connector that has also started to break. Both cables and connectors are not good, both contribute to problems in the work process in certain electrical systems. The electric current that flows from one point to another is not optimal. This will result in a computerized system on a problematic system.

If that’s the case, then obviously we have to replace the wiring harness with a new one. And this is not an easy matter. Replacement requires time and specialist car electrical experts. Meanwhile, the price of the wiring harness is also not cheap – $142. Not to mention the cost of wiring is also expensive. Therefore, making sure the Chevrolet Captiva wiring harness is a wise way to decide to buy this car.

Fuse Box

Trivial Problems The next Chevrolet Captiva is a problem with the fuse box. This is almost as often we encounter in Chevrolet Captiva cars for the same age, which is over 5 years. However, the type of damage is different. If the wiring harness is most fragile in the cables and connectors if the fuse box is the problem with corroded metal parts.

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The type of fuse box on the Chevrolet Captiva is like the fuse box of modern cars as it is today. Usually, the metal in the fuse box connector is rusty and carbon crusted. What’s the problem with the mental condition of the fuse box like in a car engine?

Trivial Problems Chevrolet Captiva
Captiva Fuse Box Position.

Obviously, as I said earlier that the electrical system in a car boils down to the fuse box. The fuse box is the main part of securing the car’s electrical system. Not only safety fuses but there are also many relays in the fuse box. Almost all relays are located in the fuse box. And every fuse box or relay has a socket that contains metal. If the problematic metal for example rusts in this case, then the flow of electricity is disrupted. Usually, the fuse box gets hot and if it is very severe it can catch fire. Meanwhile, this condition makes the electrical mass weaken and causes the electrical system to not work optimally.

Hardly anyone wants to fix a fuse box if it breaks. Including people who don’t want to repair the Chevrolet Captiva fuse box. So the solution is to replace it with a new fuse box. The problem is, it’s not cheap. The price is indeed not as expensive as the wiring harness, but it is quite expensive when compared to other electrical system repairs.


Finding a used vehicle is not easy. This includes looking for a used Chevrolet Captiva. Many are worried that this one car will have problems with the automatic transmission and engine. And in the end, the buyers did not realize and were disappointed in the car after having it. Whereas what actually happened was that the problem with the Chevrolet Captiva was not only in those two parts. In general, the most commonly used Captiva problems are the wiring harness which is brittle due to heat, and the metal fuse box starting to rust. Therefore, if you want to have a used Chevrolet Captiva, don’t just check the engine and transmission, but check the wiring harness and fuse box at once.


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