Types of Sunglasses that are Safe to Use While Driving

Types of Sunglasses that are Safe to Use While Driving – Wearing sunglasses while driving a car is a familiar phenomenon. Both female drivers and male drivers often wear this thing when driving a car during the day.

Types of Sunglasses that are Safe to Use While Driving

Types of Sunglasses that are Safe to Use While Driving

Aside from being eye protection, glasses also serve as a support for appearance. However, driving a car with sunglasses is often considered dangerous. The use of this object allegedly interferes with the driver’s visibility.

Training Director Safety Defensive Consultant Indonesia (SDCI) Sony Susmana said that drivers should pay attention to the intensity of the darkness of the glasses.

“The good thing is that the dark glasses are only about 20 percent, the glass is clean and the frames don’t interfere,” Sony said recently to Kompas.com. Sunglasses that are too dark will interfere with the driver’s vision. In the end, the driver’s visibility becomes unclear in capturing objects on the way.

Impaired visibility is a bad thing when driving. This can make the driver crash into surrounding objects, and the most fatal cause of traffic accidents for other road users. In the UK, there have been fines for car drivers who drive while wearing sunglasses. This is as protection and safety while driving.

However, in Indonesia, there are no rules that prohibit the use of this object while driving a car. However, that does not mean that wearing sunglasses while driving a car is a safe choice.

Therefore, it is better to use sunglasses that are not too thick when driving a four-wheeled vehicle.

Not only that, you should only wear sunglasses at certain times. When the scorching sun is scorching is the right time. That way, sunglasses serve to reduce the blazing sun that dazzles the eyes. If the situation is not too dazzling, it is better to remove the sunglasses so that the visibility while driving is clearer.

Its use is also not recommended for too long, the maximum duration of using sunglasses while driving a car is 1 hour. If you want to avoid glare from the sun, Sony recommends that drivers install a sun visor. “So the ideal is to avoid direct sun exposure and install a sun visor,” concluded Sony.

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