Valve Seal Marks Must Change

Valve Seal Marks Must Change – Valve problems are not just the valve or the valve itself. Although we must know what the symptoms of an engine valve leak look like. But there is one more thing that is no less important, namely the valve seal problem.

Valve Seal Marks Must Change

The valve seal forms like a tube but the top is perforated and there is a rubber part wrapped around it by a spring. Ceil size and located on the valve seat bushing.

The valve seal or valve seal has a function as an oil holder so that the lubrication on the valve stem does not get into the combustion chamber. Or even more so, do not interfere with the fuel and air mixture before entering the combustion chamber.

Made of a thin plate cylinder with heat resistant rubber, the valve should not be damaged easily. Just like other engine components, in general, it will not be damaged within a certain period of time if the engine is in normal condition.

However, the valve seal damage could be faster than the factory has set. Usually, there are special signs accompanying this problem. Often lack of engine oil is a sign that the valve seal is leaking. In this case, the valve seal is no longer able to hold the oil from falling into the combustion chamber.

When oil falls into the combustion chamber and causes the combustion of the mixture between oil, fuel, and air, the white smoke mark in the exhaust becomes a second sign that is much easier for us to observe.

There are other signs. Namely, the spark plug electrodes are always wet with oil. A good spark plug will be dry brown. Although the color of the spark plugs is a sign of engine condition. But it is clear if the valve seal has a problem then one of the spark plugs is wet with oil.

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