Volkswagen wants to buy Huawei’s self-driving business

Volkswagen wants to buy Huawei’s self-driving business – If you feel threatened by Tesla’s dominance, it is time to think about your own self-driving startup. The report published by Manager Magazin explains that Volkswagen might get into the business of autonomous cars if they don’t have their own fleet ready soon enough. Will this strategy work? Only time will tell!

Volkswagen wants to buy Huawei’s self-driving business

Volkswagen and Huawei are currently in talks about merging. The first would acquire the latter’s autonomous driving business in order to compete with giants like Tesla. If this proposal were to come to fruition, it would be one of the most significant mergers yet seen in a technology industry that is constantly evolving rapidly due to advancements such as AI and robotics.

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Volkswagen wants to buy Huawei's
Source: asiatimes

There is currently no mention of pricing but the deal is being heralded as revolutionary. The self-driving capabilities of Huawei have significantly improved over the last few years, and could soon compete with Tesla’s especially since there seems to be a struggle for sales in recent times for Tesla.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla has been a proponent for autonomous vehicles saying that their technology is crash-free. This claim, however, is not widely accepted by those who have already tested them. Meanwhile, Volkswagen unveiled its own fully self-driving vehicle back in 2017 while they were still testing and researching it before mass production could happen.

Although Volkswagen has not heard from the prototype in months, its new move indicates that it is dedicated to what it is doing. This acquisition will be expensive for the carmaker and indicate how much they are actively trying to gain ground.

With such goals, the company is clearly focused on speeding up research and development. It’s a significant step in realizing its smart car ambitions that was originally established by Huawei back in 2015 with an aim to sell 10 million cars by 2025. Huawei has been able to gain so much traction because it realized that autonomous driving would be key for reaching their goal of selling ten million cars over the course of fifteen years or less.

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