What is a Cruise Control System and How Do You Use It?

What is a Cruise Control System and How Do You Use It? – Have you ever heard the term cruise control? Maybe those of you who use the latest cars have seen it on the steering wheel of your car. The cruise control feature is a testament to the rapid development of technology, especially in cars. Many argue that the cruise control feature is able to provide comfort while driving. However, if used in the wrong way, this feature can become a problem. So what exactly is cruise control? How to use it?

What is a Cruise Control System and How Do You Use It?

Maybe you will get tired quickly when driving long distances up to hundreds of kilometers away, especially when you have to press the gas pedal all the time. This will make the legs stiff and sore. Currently, there is the right solution to overcome this, namely the use of the cruise control feature.

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Cruise control is one of the new technologies applied to cars with the function of regulating stable engine speed without the need for stepping on the gas pedal. This feature allows your car to keep moving at a steady speed without your foot having to step on the gas pedal. Cruise control is often also referred to as speed control or auto cruise. Although the name is different, the function remains the same.

Cruise Control System
One company that uses Cruise Control technology is Nissan.

How to Use the Cruise Control Feature

To activate the cruise control feature, generally, you have to speed up as desired, for example, 60 km / h. Then, press the cruise control button. The car by itself will maintain speed to remain stable at that speed without the need to press the gas pedal again.

However, the manufacturer’s rules usually limit the cruise control speed to a minimum of 40 km / h. If the speed level is below that speed, then this feature cannot be active. This is the reason why the cruise control feature can only be effectively used on freeways or toll roads. This feature cannot be used when in busy road conditions because it is very risky to be hit.

Fortunately, cars with cruise control features are also equipped with certain sensors. Sensors that generally use laser technology make the car able to detect the distance to other vehicles in front. The car will brake when the car is too close so you can be ready to stop. Likewise, when the car detects a distance that is too far from the vehicle in front, the car will increase speed.

Even though the control of the gas pedal is well automated, that doesn’t mean you just ignore it. You still have to concentrate on the situation ahead. The reason is there is the possibility of other drivers who precede or appear from a different direction.

Well, that’s the real explanation about cruise control on cars and how to use it properly and safely. Nissan Serena is one of the cars with the best cruise control features in its class. Driving with the Nissan Serena on the freeway is very comfortable and certainly keeps you and other passengers safer.

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